Modular Aluminium Structures

Structural aluminium profiles: resistance, lightness and modularity

Structural anodized aluminum profiles have been designed to combine modularity with excellent mechanical strength and structural rigidity, especially for those applications where high quality and great flexibility of use are required.

These characteristics make them particularly suitable for creating the structures of industrial automation systems, such as structures for machines, robots, workstations, feeding devices, tables for laboratories, protections and fairings in general, allowing an optimized choice, depending on the application.

The slots are designed to guarantee a tenacious fastening even with high static and dynamic loads, ideal for creating stable, light-weight constructions.

The modular systems are perfectly modular with each other in an almost unlimited way.

Another advantage of these products is the great ease of assembly: just insert the accessories inside their groove to create a firm connection; they are also reusable in case of changes in the structures.

We work throughout the country, making products on specific request: that is, starting from the customer’s needs and the project, which we can execute in our turn, we supply and realize everything that can be created with aluminum profiles and related accessories.

All profiles are also simply supplied in bars cut to size, as well as a wide range of dedicated accessories, complete, functional and economical, such as brackets, joints, hinges, wheels, handles, caps, etc..


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